Life of Shri Lord Krishna

Bal Leelas of Krishna

One, who is a Hindu by religion, is untouched with colours of Shri Krishna Bhakti. Among all the ‘leela’s’ of Shri Krishna, ‘Bal Leelas’ are the most adored and worshipped all over India in the form of ‘Balgopal’. Hindu deity Lord Krishna was the 8th ‘avataara’ among the ‘dashavatara’ of lord Vishnu.

Born in the dungeon of Mathura and brought up at Gokul, Krishna made the Gokul land sacred with his divine and endearing bal leela’s. Kansa, his uncle, attempted to kill Krishna right from his birth time as he got a divine warning that Krishna is going to be your killer because of sins that you did. At Krishna’s birth time in dudgeon, it is believed that all the bars of Mathura’s jail got opened by themselves so that his father can take him away to save from Kans to Nand place, his father’s friend. Whether it is Putna’s slaughter or dance over Kalia snake, every leela is enchanted from many yugas. He was the dearest friend of all gwalas and the partner of crime of stealing curd and butter from the houses of Gopis. Showing the divine power of his incarnation, he saved the Gokul, Braj and Vridavan from heavy rains due to Indra’s curse by taking Govardhan Mountain on his smallest finger.

He has shown Yashoda , his mother, the whole universe in his mouth and his universal ancestor. Seeing it Yashoda got scared and wondered if it is an illusion what she is seeing. Many such stories of Krishna’s ‘Bal Avataar’ are famous in India and thus, this ‘avataara’ lies in hearts of the devotees of Krishna.

Eternal Love of Radha Krishna

Whenever love is talked and praised Radha and Krishna are the ideal for it. Radha , the lover of Krishna and one of the most loved Gopi of Krishna was brought up with Krishna since his teenage. Krishna and Radha set an example ideal love, devotion and dedication for the world and thus they are still remembered for their togetherness, even after separation. During the time period when Krishna was in Gokul Vrashbhanu daughter Radha along with other Gopis used to do dalliances. All Gopis are fond of Krishna and always with him during the ‘Raasa’ dance.Radha being the dearest used to be the partner with Krishna in Rasa. When Krishna left Gokul to establish dharma, he got separated from Radha and other Gopis. Still, being in eternal love with Krishna, Radha and Gopis used to wait for Krishna and so does Krishna. It defined love with new meanings to the world, i.e., dedication, waiting for beloved and separation from beloved.

Sudama was believed to be his best friend during the gurukul when he came Ujjaiyani to complete his education. Sudama belongs to a poor Brahmin family. Without caring about his background, Krishna continued his friendship with Sudama even after being the emperor of Dwaraka, setting the values of unconditional friendship without disparity.

Assassination of Kansa (Kansa Vadh)

Kansa was the King of Mathura and brother of Devaki, Krishna’s mother He was a callous ruler who harassed his people brutally every now and then. When her dear sister Devaki got married, he received a divine broadcast that he will be slaughtered by his sister’s 8th son Krishna.After listening this; he challenged divinity and killed the entire six sons’ of Devaki and Vasudev in the dungeon of Mathura. Krishna born as 8th son of Devaki took birth and with divine power of this holy son of Devaki, Vasudev managed to save the child from Kansa by giving him to his friend Nand.Kansa made every attempt to kill Krishna by sending all the powerful ‘Asuras’ like Kalia, Putna and more but his every attempt failed. Finally he decided to call Krishna to Mathura and challenge him to duel. Krishna won over him and slaughtered him in his Mathura, giving a message to the world that sins always comes to their end.


To re-establish ‘Dharma’ and give world the message of ‘Karma’, Krishna become the ‘saarthi’ of Arjuna’s chariot in Mahabharata. Through Arjun as medium, he passed the ‘Geeta Gyan’ , the essecence of life, to the whole world. His become famous by the name of ‘Yugandhar’ after Mahabharata war as he ruled and brought the change in era. Krishna, the saviour of Draupadi has given a message of respecting women and doing karma without expecting the results keeping the almighty in the mind and the heart.


Completing his ‘purana avatara’ on the earth Shri Krishna took salvation on the land of Somnath in Gujarat. It is said that in his last time he was playing his holy flute sitting near the ‘Kadam’ tree. Hunter saw ‘Mani’ of his feet in which Krishna’s subsistence lies and misunderstood it as the deer and shot arrow on his feet. This caused Krishna’s death and he returned to Vaikunth completing his avatara.