Taste of Brajbhoomi

Mathura Vrindavan is famous for world famous sweets and other several delicious things, here are the important ones:

Mathura Peda

Most of north Indian sweets are made of mava known as khoya. All mawa dishes are so popular in all over India and peda is also made from mawa. Mathura ke pede is so popular slang in all over India. Mathura is Krishna’s birth place and Mathura ke pede are popular dish of this city. Mathura is known as a religious place because of shri Krishna birth place. So, many people are visiting this place every year to worship lord krishna. Without the taste of peda Janamashtmi is considered as incomplete in India. Many sweets are popular with the city name like agra ka peda, Now Mathura is
works as brand name for peda sweet dish.

Famous Sweet Shops in Mathura: Brijwasi Mithai Wala & Gosai Pede Wala : Oldest Sweet Shop of Mathura ( Since 1832 )

Kachori – Sabji / Jalebi

A spicy snack from India is known as different names like kachauri, kachodi, katchuri. Kachori is a national famous dish in all the areas of Mathura. A round ball made of flour filled with a stuffing of yellow dal, salt and other spices mixed with it. Many kinds of kachoris are usually available with different styles in different cities sweet, salulty as their own taste. In some places, this is also known as ‘raj kachori’ which is now famous in all over India.

Famous Kachori Shops in Mathura: Oma Pahalwan Kachri wala, Chatta Bazar & Rupa Kachori Wala, Vishram Ghat

Malai Lassi (Sweetend Curd Milk with cream)

Malai lassi is so popular summer drink of Mathura a heavy drink made of yogurt. It’s a mixture of water, cream, spices etc. Our traditional lassi ‘chati di lassi’ is simply salted lassi. Malai lasi is so popular in two tastes sweet lassi and salty lassi. It’s a mixture of water, yogurt and cream, sugar sometimes honey and fruits. Both flavors of lassi are delicious in taste sweet and salty. Makhaniya sweet lassi is also famous in India which is full of energy. It is normally so creamy like milkshake.

Famous Lassi Shop in Mathura: Natho Lassi Wala, Chowk Bazaar, Mathura

Aloo Tikki / Chat & Pani Puri

Basically from north Indian kitchens recipe originated from India subcontinent. It has made with mash potatoes, onions and variety of other spices. Tikki means a small bowl which is stuffed with aloo and other spices to make it tasty. It’s served with sweet and green sauces add on cream. Variety of spices and variety of chutneys sold here at various chat stalls. Its place of origin is India subcontinent. It’s basically under snack class so common in north India available at chat stall. In some places of India, aloo tikki is so popular and very common you can see after every km distance tikki and water ball stall beside the road side.

Famous Aloo Tikki / Chat Shop in Mathura: Deewan Chand Kulfi Wala, DD Plaza Mathura

Bhang Lassi / Thandai

Bhang lassi is a seasonal drink widely drinking by numerous of the people on occasion of Mahashivratri where shiv bhagat’s drinks as a Prasad of shiv ji. It is also sold during holi festival. Not Only Mathura, Bhang lassi is famous in other places of India as well. Licensed shops available from where you can get this drink. Bhang is a kind of a liquid derivative of cannabis. The difference between traditional lassi and bhang lassi is their preparation. Bhang is the mainly used in bhang lassi where as simple lassi made with yogurt and other spices etc. It is also used for folk remedy or gastroenteritis.