Places & Temples to visit in Nandgaon

According to Indian beliefs, Nandgaon was the home of Lord Krishna where he lived from the age of 7 to 10 along with his Foster father Nanda Baba and mother Yashoda. His father, who was also the village chief, built his house here, atop a large hill, to protect Lord Krishna from the demons sent by King Kamsa. Nanda Maharaja and other gwalas (milk vendors) decided to move here from Gokul because of the turbulence caused by demons that were trying to kill Krishna.

Nanda Bhavan or Nandagram Temple

The present temple has been built on the spot where Nanda’s residence once stood. Within the temple, one can see the large deities of Yashoda and Nanda with Krishna and Balaram standing in between them.

Nandisvara Temple

Nandishvar means ‘the lord of Nandi’, and is another name for the supreme lord Shiva. The name has derived its existence from the personality of Lord Shiva who is believed to reside here in the form of a hill.

Pavana Sarovara

This Lake is located at the bottom of Nandisvara Hill. Yashoda used to bathe Lord Krishna here. This is said to be one of Lord Krishna’s favourite lakes. Krishna would come here after the cows would return from grazing and give the cows a bath. Locals believe that one who bathes in Pavana Lake will see Krishna there, along with Nanda and Yashoda and all his desires will be fulfilled.

Charan Pahari

After Krishna entered the cave known as, he appeared on top of the hill in which the cave is buried and played his flute. The sound of the flute somewhat melted the hill, and Krishna’s footprints manifested there. Even today, one can see these footprints very clearly. The stones on the nearby hill where his friends were playing and the calves were grazing also melted, leaving impressions of their feet and hooves, which are still clearly visible today, even after 5,000 years.